Sample Data

This document will aid those wishing to understand the coordinate system used for loudspeaker data.

The following file will serve as examples of the loudspeaker data provided by ETC, Inc.

To view the CLF data, you will need to download and install the freeware CLFViewer ( Follow the first link on the page (End Users Kit).

To view the EASE data you will need any current version of the EASE room modeling program (

NOTE: These data files were created from the same set of impulse responses, and allow direct comparisons between the EASE and CLF file formats.

A Generic Two-Way Loudspeaker

1. 10-deg 1/1-Octave CLF Format
2. 5-deg 1/3-Octave CLF Format
3. EASE 4.x Format

The following link is for the same loudspeaker model, but biamped. Note the link to a PDF "Info" file that describes the drive functions and electrical impedance.

1. 5-deg 1/3-Octave CLF Format

A Sample Ceiling Loudspeaker with Half-space Radiation

1. 5-deg 1/3-Octave CLF Format
2. EASE 4.x Format

An Altec 1005 Multicell horn

1. 8-cell Horn CLF Format

2. 8-cell Horn with outer cells plugged CLF Format

3. 8-cell Horn EASE Format

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