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Sound system designers use computer-modeling programs to select and place loudspeakers in a room. These programs must have accurate component specifications for both loudspeakers and amplifiers. This assures accurate coverage and sound pressure level estimates.


Some manufacturers do this testing themselves. Others prefer to use an independent test lab. Third-party testing assures a level playing field for selecting audio products for a sound system design.


Pro Sound Testing, Inc. is an independent test lab. We provide audio and acoustic testing services for the professional audio industry.

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- Crown announces support of Common Amplifier Format. Read about it.


- New "pit" for half-space in-boundary measurements. PST, Inc. can now measure infinite boundary half-space asymmetrical balloons (picts below).


- Electro-acoustic Testing Company, Inc. is now Pro Sound Testing, Inc.


- Pro Sound Testing adds portable loudspeaker polar testing capability for off-site projects, including the LinearX LT360 precision turntable, and the Audio Precision Polar Measurement utility.



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